Minggu, 25 Oktober 2009

Indonesia cabinet draws criticism

Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's new cabinet line-up has drawn criticism from analysts.

Many say the president's choices, announced could have been bolder, considering he was given such a strong mandate when he was re-elected in July.

President Yudhoyono was voted back into power on promises of improving economic conditions for citizens in the nation with the largest Muslim population.

He also promised to crack down on corruption.

A cabinet of compromise - that is what editorials in Indonesia are calling President Yudhoyono's new cabinet.

Out of the 37 names announced late on Wednesday - 34 ministers and three state officials - just over half are career politicians.

Many had hoped that the president would choose professionals who are experts in their field - especially since the Indonesian leader received such the overwhelming majority of the public vote in July's election.

But political analysts say President Yudhoyono has always been a realistic man.

While he may have secured the nation's popular support, he still needs the help of political parties to push through legislation in parliament.

The new government has some big challenges ahead.

Although this country was not as badly hit as its neighbours by the global financial crisis, people here still felt the pain of the slowdown.

Indonesia's unemployment rate is one of the highest in Asia, and millions of people still live under the poverty line.

These issues will be some of the biggest priorities for Indonesia's new cabinet.

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