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The connection between good nutrition and long term health is beyond dispute and backed by a wealth of scientific evidence.What we eat and how we eat effects our health on the long term.
Our diet fails in supplying the essential nutrients we need for optimum health.We have put good nutrition on the backburner and as a result our diet fails to provide even the minimum levels of nutrients that we need for long term health.
Only 9% of people consume the five daily servings of fresh fruit andvegetables recommended by the National Cancer Institute.

Until the 1940's,farmers used to practise crop rotation and returnedessential nutrients back into the soil by mulching,manuring and churning

Because of growing population and industrialization it was no longer possible to grow crops that way. So the farmer use large farms and make use of artificial fertilizers. But crops can't make their natural insect repellents with artificial fertilizers,so the farmer has to use chemical pesticides, which are sprayed on the crop and fruits and when we consume those fruits and veges,those chemical pesticides accumulates in our body and causes diseases.
Most of us today are suffering from certain dangerous diet deficiencies,'' which cannot be remedied until the depleted soils from which our food'' come,are brought into proper mineral balance.The alarming fact is that fruits and vegetables now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals, are starving us, no matter how much we eat.In other words, we cannot get the necessary nutrients out of our food.''
96% of the US population dies of a degenerative disease, like cancer, stroke,'? diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer disease etc.
Over 65% of American adults are overweight or obese (20%-25% of children).
We are not even getting the minimum of RDA levels of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. The RDA levels were designed in the early 1920's and 1930's as minimum requirements of TEN essential nutrients to protect against acute deficiency diseases,like Scurvy (deficiency of vit.C), Rickets (deficiency of vit.D) and Pellagra(deficiency of niacin).The RDA's did a good job to eliminate Scurvy and Rickets, but consuming the RDA's will not even come close to helping prevent a degenerative disease and our EPIDEMIC health stats prove that.
To protect us against degenerative diseases we need OPTIMUM LEVELS of nutrients.
Just to make a comparison between the RDA levels and Optimum levels:
The RDA level for Vit.C is 60mg.However the Optimum level is 1300mg.

The RDA level for vit.E is 15IU. But the Optimum level is 450IU's(IU stands for International Unit).
The RDA level for vit.D is 200IU's,but the Optimum'' level is 600 IU's.
To be able to get the Optimum level of vitamin C(1300mg) out of our food, we have to consume 17 medium kiwifruits or 16 medium oranges daily, which is unpractical.
So what's the solution? We have three choices:

'? 1. do nothing and pay the price
'? 2. become an old fashion farmer.
'? 3. take a 1st. grade supplement. <

It's been scientifically proven that there are substantial health benefits in taking nutritional supplements
The benefits of nutritional supplements are scientifically verified over the past two years.Hundreds of scientific studies have proved that nutritional supplements can significantly reduce the risk of degenerative diseases.
Supplements provide a convenient and effective means of achieving good nutrition every day for a lifetime.
Chronic degenerative diseases are not diseases of old age.Heart disease starts at childhood. It appears prudent for all children and adults to take vitamin supplements.

Never before has the need for supplementation been greater than in ourpresent time.

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