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Personal Branding

Taken from readbud.
Personal branding is one of the most important things you can do for your home business, especially if you are marketing online. If you can find a way to stand out and cut through all the advertising and marketing noise online, you will make your competition obsolete. In today's economic environment, where nothing is certain, it is more important than ever to brand you and your business. This is your most valuable asset and is worth more than any product, service or mission statement. Your brand creates an everlasting impression in the minds of your customers and future prospects.

Below I have created a list of 5 simple, yet very effective, ways you can brand yourself online. Most people are too busy spamming, dumping thousands into advertising and never thinking about this long term strategy of branding. Implement these into your own business and you will see great results.

1. Always Give Your Customers What They Want - The name of the game online is demand and supply. Whatever your target market wants, just make sure you give it to them. For example, my target market is network marketers. I give network marketers everything they want including information on lead generation, industry news, sponsoring tips and even reviews on some of the most popular products and companies in the industry.
2. Just Be Yourself - Uniqueness and authenticity will always conquer the same boring routine and it is within you, just look for it. Every single person on this planet is unique in some kind of way. Let your personality and characteristic traits be known. This is what people want. They want something new and fresh. If you have a sense of humor, let it be known. If you are a good speaker, let it be know.
3. Always Over-Deliver - Always give your customers more than they expected. This makes a major difference in retaining your customers, especially in the long run. A good example to bring this home would be to add extra products or services to existing orders. Say you were selling an eBook online for $19.95. Instead of just giving the customer the eBook, give them an extra bonus like maybe another eBook or anything else they would find useful and is related to the initial product.
4. Provide The Best Possible Customer Service - This is a monumental tip. The whole concept of business is really being able to retain customers. This occurs when you provide unmatched customer service. If you are selling something online, or work with a company who does, ensure that your customer gets whatever they want. Make them feel like they are appreciated and that you are listening. This will increase the value of your brand exponentially. Do you know why people will buy from you over and over again' It's because they like how they feel when they do business with you. You make them feel comfortable and 'taken care of.' Very simple concept, yet so many businesses miss this.
5. Provide A Unique Selling Point - One question you must ask yourself to brand yourself online is, "what can I do differently than anyone else to stand out?" A unique selling point or unique selling proposition (USP) can literally be the difference between you looking like everyone else, or standing out like a pink car in the middle of rush hour. A USP can also promote viral marketing, whereas people will tell their friends and family.
Minus graphics and images for your brand, these 5 tips will help to cultivate a positive image of you in your customers mind and will increase the odds they do repeat business. No matter which online route you take, whether it be banner advertising, sponsored search, social media or content marketing, to acquire new customers and retain existing ones, always keep your customers needs in mind. The money will ALWAYS come when you offer solutions and provide answers.

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