Selasa, 03 November 2009

GPS for Your Car

The Garmin Nuvi 205 is advanced and affordable navigation. Sticking to its traditional Nuvi series features and design, Garmin has added to the 205 to the family. The slim, 0.8” thin Nuvi 205 is not only easily moved from car to car for directions on your next road trip, but it can also be carried along on your next trip on foot in an unfamiliar city with its pedestrian mode. Packed into the tiny case is a high sensitivity WAAS GPS receiver with HotFix technology for the fastest satellite acquisition times. Operating the Nuvi 205 is simple, the 3.5” touchscreen allows for easy address entry and is viewable in any lighting condition.

The Garmin Nuvi 205 comes pre-loaded with the Garmin City Navigator Version 2009 for the lower 48 states, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, with data provided by Navteq. The maps also includes shaded terrain contours when at zoom levels of 5 miles or higher. The detailed mapping inside Nuvi 205 also includes 5 million Points of Interest including Hotels, Restaurants, ATM’s, Gas Stations and many more. Just use the touch screen to enter in the address or point of interest that you want to navigate to and the Nuvi 205 will provide both vocal and on screen directions to your destination. The map can be viewed in either 2D overhead or a 3D view of the road ahead. If you miss a turn, don’t worry as it will recalculate directions and get you back on track. The Garmin “Where Am I?” feature will help you locate the closest hospital, police station, gas station, address and intersection to help you assist you in an emergency or to arrive to your destination safely.

The Nuvi 205 is compatible with the MSN Direct receiver. MSN Direct service offers access to Real time information on gas prices, weather conditions, traffic reports to route you around delays and construction, local movie times with ratings and movie genre, news and stock reports, and local event information for sporting events, festivals, and concerts. You also have the ability to plan trips and locate destinations using Windows Live Local on your PC with the ability to wirelessly send this information to the Nuvi 205. The MSN Direct is currently available in over 100 cities and the information is broadcast over FM frequency directly to the MSN Direct receiver. Check this link for a list of cities where MSN direct is currently available.

The Nuvi 205 comes with built-in support for the travel kit which includes a JPEG picture viewer, world clock, currency converter, measurement convert, automatic switching of time zones and a calculator. Garmin also gave the Nuvi 205 a microSD card slot for the storage images. It will also accept the optional International Maps, Garmin Travel Guide and Garmin Language guide from a microSD card through on board microSD memory card expansion slot. Garmin Connect Photos will allow you to tag your favorite locations with an image and even download images of popular sites with location form the Garmin Connect webstie.

Garmin ecoRoute Compatible. Now more than ever, we’re all looking for ways to conserve both money and fuel. Whether we’re taking fewer trips or carpooling with family and friends, saving resources is a top priority. It was that thinking that led to the creation of ecoRoute – Garmin's free software update for compatible nĂ¼vi products that allows users to find more fuel efficient routes when navigating and even track their fuel usage. With ecoRoute, you may be able to save gas and money by adopting smarter driving habits and finding more fuel-efficient routes. ecoRoute is available in the Nuvi 2x5 and the Nuvi 7x5 series units. Some units may require a software update to add the ecoRoute feature. Use this link to get the free software update for your Garmin GPS.

The Garmin Nuvi 205 has replaced the Nuvi 200.

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